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For the Love of Dance

The philosopher Linda Zagzebski has argued that there is an important connection between the things we care about in life and how we connect to them. Here is what she says:

"We all care about a lot of things. Even if it were possible not to care about anything, we would not have a good life if we did not care. ... But if we care about anything, we must care about having true beliefs about [it]."

To see her point, think about how strange it would be to find a person who claimed to really care about, say, football, but who didn't know anything about football and who showed no interest in learning anything about it! In that case, we would probably conclude that the person didn't really care about football after all.

Of course, the same is true about dance. Whether you are a dancer or an audience member, caring about dance (or a dancer!) means knowing about this form of art. And there is a great deal to learn. In this blog, we hope to make some of that information available in an accessible way.

Join us on our journey into the world of dance.

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