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Mission Statement

Borderlands Ballet is a pre-professional dance company located in southern New Mexico. Our mission is to share the beauty of dance with the broadest possible audience within the borderland community and beyond. This mission is achieved through the interrelated goals of performance, education, and community outreach.



The BBC’s performance mission is achieved, first and foremost, by the production of classical ballet performances and non-classical dance productions. These performances serve to bring professional-level dance to the region. It also provides a quality venue for high-caliber local and regional talent and serves as a bridge for BBC dancers to transition into national or international dance companies.

The BBC will also serve the region with significant educational and community outreach. Outreach goals are achieved through a variety of mechanisms:

  • The company partners with a world-class dance academy that helps provide first rate instruction for aspiring local dancers and meaningful programs for non-professional dancers.

  • The company will provide affordable access to primary school children and other selected groups for performances of the BBC’s productions.

  • Educational outreach also involves the presentation to interested parties concerning physical conditioning and nutritional choices of top-level athletic performance.

  • Community outreach is achieved through fund-raising support of worthy charitable organizations in the region.

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