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Becoming a member of the BBC is about more than supporting a worthy cause. It is about becoming a partner in an artisitic and educational collaboration which enhances the quality of life in our region.


Your donation helps support the high quality of our work while also allowing us to keep it affordable and accessible to all members of our community. It helps us to reach out to new audiences, to create new and innovative works, and to stage breathtaking productions that bring the drama of live performance to the Borderlands!

Donation Levels:

Friend $100-$249  

Fellow  $250-$499

Sponsor  $500-$999

Bronze Patron  $1,000-$1,999

Silver Patron  $2,000-$3,499

Gold Patron $3,500-$4,999

Benefactor  $5,000+

Focused Donation Opportunities: Some donors like to know that they are contributing to specific projects at BBC or like the opportunity to provide a little extra support for a project they are particularly interested in. For this reason, we have established a few focused donation opportunities for our supporters.  

Dancer Sponsorship  [Amount TBD]

Performance Fund  [Information TBA]

Special Events  [Information TBA]


Corporate Sponsorship:

Level I